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About Us

HPB literally started in a dream. One night our owner had a dream he owned a houseplant store, and well...HousePlant Baltimore was launched 3 months later. Sometimes, you just have to take what you've experienced in a dream life and see if you can make them come true. HPB is that. We found a cozy space, dropped in a couch and a coffee table (which were in the owners dream) and surrounded it with hundreds of plants. All we do all day is hang out on the couch and talk plants. And of course, water and prune. 

Our light drenched space nourishes our selection of houseplants. We baby them. We talk to them. We play them the Ramones on Saturday afternoons and they love it (except for the Fiddle Figs, they don't like anything). We hang out with our plants and ready them for new and already addicted plant parents (and we love your addiction).

We don't really do RARE plants (yet), but we know a guy in Indonesia who probably knows a guy in Thailand, who once played cricket with a guy in Ecuador whose 2nd cousin Steve surely knows some plant people in Malaysia. Steve knows everyone. So, if you have a want, we will set the network in motion for you and find what you are looking for.

What we do are plants that look way cool and will make you happy every day (and that's the point). We have plants that are easy to maintain, plants that challenge you a little, and plants that act like a spoiled 2-year old. We want you to feel excited to be a plant parent and we want you to feel confident that you will not murder your plant. You wont. Your best friend Phil, who you drunkenly asked to water your plants while you are in Portugal for two weeks might, but we can help Phil too...we offer PLANTuncle and will visit your home/office and water and care for your plants while you are on a beach...with a fruity drink with a little umbrella in it. Well played.

We don't know everything about plants, we are still learning and listening and growing. We have though, learned a few things along the way and we will share that with you, if you ask (or even if you don't.) *see "talk all day about plants.."

So, come on over...have a seat on the couch and let's talk about your temperamental Fiddle Fig. 

Client Testimonials

“When you can openly talk to someone and they receive and provide you feedback to your worries or fears, that is extremely calming. The day I walked into your beautiful shop, you made me feel at ease as you clearly explained the maintenance and care for the plants.”

— Carmen M

“I walked in just to spend time among the plants and walked out with a thriving alocasia. The service, enthusiasm and knowledge shared was fantastic.”

— Jae W

“HousePlant in the best in the area. They have a constant and varied selection of well curated healthy plants, but the reason I tell everyone is the attentive, knowledgable owner who has gone above and beyond making sure I got exactly what I wanted.”

— Brandon N

“HPB is the connection you're missing in the plant space—run by a down-to-earth guy willing to help you find the best additions to your collection. The papaya I purchased has thrived over 2 feet of growth. If I need something new, HPB is the first resource I tap.”

— Kyle

Find Us:

In The Broadway Market  -------------------------------->

1640 Aliceanna St.  Baltimore, Md 21231


Monday-Sunday  11am-6pm



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